Buddhist-based psychotherapy

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Buddhist-based psychotherapy combines the essence of Western psychotherapy with Buddhist psychology . The training of mindfulness and special healing methods from the Buddhist spiritual training play an important role and are integrated into the therapeutic work and - if desired - also into the coaching processes .


My training as a therapist for essential psychotherapy is based on depth psychology and is the first training in Germany and Europe to combine  Buddhist psychology with profound psychotherapeutic methods such as person-centered therapy, depth psychological psychotherapy, behavioral psychotherapy and body psychotherapy.



It was developed over seven years of direct collaboration between Western psychotherapists and Buddhist Dharma (= the wisdom teachings of the Buddha) teachers and is recognized by the German Medical Association .


Likewise, my training as a certified coach "Psychology of Change - Emotionally intelligent coaching" is based on depth psychology and the principles of mindfulness.



Range of treatments

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  • fears (all kinds)
  • burnout
  • depression
  • dissociation
  • loneliness
  • ruminating
  • abuse
  • mobbing
  • panic attacks
  • partnership problems und conflicts



  • psychosomatic complaints
  • sleep disorders
  • search for meaning
  • stress
  • addiction
  • trauma
  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • separation
  • fears for the future
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder



conditions and costs

  • I offer all services in my practice in Munich (Germany) or online via zoom worldwide, in English.
  • One hour of buddhist-based psychotherapy (duration: 50 min) is 100 EURO.
  • One hour of buddhist-based psychotherapy (duration: 60 min) is 115 EURO.
  • A trial lesson* (50 minutes ) costs 85 EURO.

  • Since I have a private practice, the costs of the treatment are not covered by the health insurance companies.


* Here YOU get to know me, I get to know YOUR concerns and we discuss together whether and how I can help YOU.

YOU will also receive my honest assessment of how long the psychotherapeutic cooperation will last, so that YOU can plan!



Coaching and meditation

Man during a coaching
Meditation bells



If you have a coaching concern or are looking for professional meditation support, just contact me!




Cancellation policy: I make a fixed appointment for YOU, so I have to charge you for an agreed session that YOU - regardless of the reason - cancel at short notice, i.e.

24 hours before the agreed appointment.